… while you use hulu or netflix or cwseed(you can watch all the old CW shows that don’t air anymore on this site FOR FREE, I guilt watch Everybody Hates Chris lol) or those free online anime websites.

Imagine your most visited websites end up loading slower and slower to the point where we click X and get out of the tab and just shut down our laptops or computers out of anger. Well that’s why net neutrality matters. Right now, internet service providers don’t have the power to slow down any site they want to just so they can charge you extra money for faster loading speeds. Having access to any website like you do now, they all run on the same speed, is only possible because of net neutrality. The big issue is that if net neutrality under the Trump administration is swept away, then this gives the internet service providers the juice to do whatever they want. They can speed up and slow down access to various websites based on deals they make with different companies (that is if the companies give in to the bribes the internet service providers are begging for). So basically if the bribes are paid by the companies, then the internet access speed will be fast on the company’s website but if not then they can slow down the website to the point where the website won’t even load which will lead to nobody using it and since the website isn’t being used, the company isn’t making any profit therefore they’ll end up shutting down the website.

As college students, this is a big deal man. None of this mattered to me until I started getting more into depth for this project and thanks to Julia I am less ignorant on this topic. I am sure we have all taken at least one course where we had assigned online readings (like we have for this sociology of knowledge course). Luckily, I am sure that we didn’t have too much of a problem waiting for the class wordpress site to load the articles or anything or even on blackboard that doesn’t take long to load. Imagine using cunyfirst and you’re enrolling for classes and your enrollment time is at 2:30 but cunyfirst isn’t loading and once it does load, 3 of your classes have already been closed. Now you gotta find other alternatives for those 3 classes that filled up AND it has to fit in with your schedule. This happened to me once during my freshmen year worst experience ever but this only happened because EVERYONE was using the hunter wifi and was enrolling just like me so of course internet speeds are gonna be slower than usual but if this was a “every semester” kind of thing then that’s a problem, or if you’re doing term papers and class projects and certain websites aren’t loading because net neutrality has been swept away under Trump’s Republican administration that’s gonna end badly for us.

What the FCC claims as “regulate” really just means kill internet loading speeds. Of course we don’t want this so don’t fall for the trap!


Okay wait let me correct myself on that, the FCC is actually maintaining the way we use the internet right now so freely without certain websites taking forever to load. They are protecting net neutrality policies that were in place under the Obama administration. However, there’s this guy Ajit Pai, Trump’s appointee, that is out to kill net neutrality  which means he wants to kill the government’s ability to protect the internet so that corporate business people can use it to make more money at our expense in this lovely capitalist society that we live in. Certain pages aren’t slowed down over others because net neutrality keeps everything neutral, well that is for now. We will see what happens with Pai in charge ready to behead net neutrality.